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C a b a r e t 


Mario Morris – where comedy meets magic – his cabaret act is exactly that – it is unique in every way.  


Mario’s  show is clean yet witty –  he performs very funny comedy magic with startling results. He will have the most sophisticated audiences in fits of laughter and he will draw all ages into the heart of his show. His show is a family show, but Mario is more than versed and able to  perform for high spirited audiences  and will deal with hecklers in comical way. 
Mario Morris Magic is where we step over into the realm of enchantment. This less unfamiliar realm where comedy meets magic, combined  with Mario’s  wit and charm it becomes clear here there is only one thing certain, any thing is possible!  This empowering show will have you on the edge of your seat. Performing some outstanding award winning slight of hand and perfect comedy timing – The Mario Morris Comedy Magic Show.


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