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Inspirational Training

“I found the material and the style of delivery to be both entertaining and probably the most useful educational experience I have ever had” – Neal Alexander, Magician


Training Event


 Mario’s Workshop Topics

  • How to  Attract, Entertain and Inspire your Audience.
  • Teambuilding
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Turning your Failures into Successes
  • Facing your Fears
  • Positive Body Language




Team building and workshops


Mario Morris has a unique and extraordinary ability to entwine empowering messages into his workshops and team building programs. He is informative and demonstrates showmanship, magic and humour to illustrate his talks. His comedy timing is outstanding, friendly and clean. His talks are unforgettable as he draws from his many experiences of life,  world wide travel, loss, self discovery and adventure. Recognised as an entertainer, magician and teacher, Mario has performed and taught all over the world. Mario’s  background, life experiences and training enables him to win audiences over  with empowering messages.  This is how:



Individual Presentations

  • Each presentation is tailored by keynote speaker Mario Morris for each different  audience.
  • Mario will learn about your audience, your company services and your products.
  • He spends time creating a relevant presentation for each  event. Each presentation will help empower people to have a more positive outlook in their personal and professional lives.
  • Each presentation is entwined with clean comedy, award winning magic and an unforgettable message.


Mario Morris – has trained, taught and delivered his seminars  to – companies, conferences, training days,  universities, colleges, schools, school teachers, magicians, entertainers, actors and the list goes on. He has delivered his presentations to both small and  large scale audiences. He  has  delivered his seminar and workshops around the world. Mario Morris can conclude the day with his national award winning magic show.