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The Magic of Public Speaking

Discover the secrets to public speaking

1st – 2nd of October 2016, Cardiff

  • Build Confidence
  • Discover  your hidden talents
  • The power of body language
  • Overcome fear of Public Speaking
  • Explore when to use humour, stories and props
  • The magic of words
  • Manage your audience

A fascinating weekend experience!

With Master Magician and Life  Coach – Mario Morris and  Storyteller and Training Manager  – Veronica Conway Morris

Workshop Highlights

During this course, you will discover the magic of body language, build your confidence, learn about the power of words and how to use your voice as a tool

Limited Places – 5 students to 1 trainer

“Would I  recommend going to one of Mario’s courses and see him in action?  Absolutely.   Both as a speaker and a magician, he will hold his audience spellbound.” 


Mike Bailey

Education Director, Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club

The Magic of Public Speaking – A two-day focus on becoming a dynamic speaker.

Speaking in front of a real audience is rated as one of top 5 greatest fears in the World.  Nerve racking  experiences such as losing your words, mind going blank, nervous sweating is very real and far more common than you may expect.  With the Magic of Motivational 2 day course,  we can help you overcome these fears.

During the Magic of Public Speaking focus, we will empower  both the inexperienced and experienced speakers  with greater confidence and give you key secret tools that world class successful speakers, performers, and actors use in their presentations.

We have worked with platform speakers, team leaders, directors, entertainers – from hobbyist to headliner magicians –  fitness instructors, school teachers and storytellers.

During this course, you will discover the magic of body language, the power of words and how to use your voice as a tool. We will show you the real secrets of how successful Magicians, Entertainers, and Public Speakers capture, engage and manage a motivational response from an audience.

The Magic of Public Speaking  focus can also be booked separately.  We can tailor the course  and bring it directly to your company location.


Body and Mind

  • What happens to your body and mind when you appear in public
  • How to over come your fear;
  • Real tips and advice from the world of entertainment YOU can use;
  • How to motivate people with your words
  • Pace of your presentation
  • The importance of pauses

Body Language

  • Learn about negative and positive body language and how it effects your public speaking.
  • Presentation Delivery
  • Learn tricks of the trade to make your voice more in command and steady
  • How your tone and volume of voice effects your presentation
  • Eye contact

Who is your Audience

  • The importance of knowing your audience
  • Making your presentation relevant to that audience


  • Opportunity to make a presentation and get feedback
  • On day 2 – put the feedback and ideas into your second presentation

Props and Stories

When to use:

  • Humor
  • Stories
  • Props

Public Speakers, performers, storytellers, teachers, artists, trainers  – this workshop is for you if you are interested in developing your communication skills.

Course details:

Title: The Magic of Public Speaking
Date & Time:  1st and 2nd of October 2016 10 am – 5 pm
Venue: 99 Woodville Rd, Cardiff, CF24 4DY
Tutor: Mario Morris & Veronica Conway Morris
Fee: £225  (£185 Early Bird price)


Working with Mario was a great pleasure.  He has years of experience, and, more importantly, knows how to communicate this experience to students of the art.  Patience and professionalism combine to create an excellent learning environment.  We look forward to continuing our classes and including Mario in our programs.


Jeff McBride

International Magician, Performer and Teacher, The Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas

The workshop was brilliantly informative… the course was a great combination of skills needed to become a better public speaker.


Vanessa Platt

Cardiff University

Fantastic,  the team are very welcoming and I enjoyed the full day.  There was lots happening and I got put on the spot a couple of times, through the interactive parts of the day, and this was definitely what I needed.   I have learned so much.  Thank you.  


Sean Antony Davis


I have completed The Magic of Public Speaking Course.  The main thing I took away from the course today is a self-awareness of what public speaking is.  I have learned the building blocks of public speaking and will be taking what I have learned today into my everyday life and work.  

Charlotte Ross

Cardiff Council

 I have attended the Magic of Public Speaking .  I found the course to be very helpful, a warm and welcoming environment and it was good to have feedback as well from the interactive bits on the course.


Raphiella Fieldhouse

World bodypainting champion

Excellent introduction to public speaking from a skilled communicator.


Noel Collins



Mario Morris

Mario is a Magician, performer, teacher, writer, explorer, mentor and public speaker.  He has  being traveling the world since the age of 16, creating magical moments where ever he goes.

He honed his performing experience in the what some call the hardest theatre in the world –  the street.  For over 20 years Mario has taken his magic show around the world entertained tens of thousands of people, helping them forget their troubles creating magical moments.

In the past 10 year years,  he has founded The School of Busking and is  a faculty teaching member of the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.  He has taught and lectured to thousands of performers looking to find out more about this ancient art.

He is a mentor and teacher to many.  In more recent years he has designed and ran courses on motivation, public speaking, and showmanship.

Veronica Conway

Veronica has being  full time in the  Arts since 2007.   Performing with balloons, storytelling, and magic to entertain children and adults across the UK, Europe and North America and the Far East.

Previously Veronica worked with many organisations sharing  her skills as a qualified trainer, motivator, and manager.  She often was called upon to give motivational talks to staff and volunteer teams in many different  organisations.

Over the past few years, Veronica has worked alongside Mario in delivering courses and personal tuition on motivation, clarity, and life coaching.

To find out more please contact Veronica at 0044 (0) 786 402 281  or email her at