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Transformational Gathering - Alchemical and Shamanic celebration - Cardiff, Saturday 29th October


Exploring the Creative You

Focused workshop – Self-expression, physical movement, guided meditation, rhythm, storytelling, confidence building, drums and chants,

Evening Celebration – We welcome in the autumn  through exploration of the magic and the creative you. Discovering the magic within and around you.

Got a question or want to find out more –  call Veronica or Mario on 07865402281

Transformational Gathering, Cardiff – day & evening experience

Transformational Gathering, Cardiff – day & evening experience

Join us for Alchemical, transformational, shamanic workshops of drumming, dance, voice, sound, movement and creative arts.

A seasonal  celebration for the turning of the season.  The evening fire celebration will be an alchemical shamanic fire – bring your personal lead and transform it into gold.

A community of people who will gather to journey together through drum, movement, fire and chants.

There will be a focus on Sound, Colour, Movement and Rhythm in the form of workshops, talks and  practical exercises.  Through storytelling, meditation, self-expression, rhythm and Celtic chants we will aim to reconnect with our creative selves and each other. We will honour the changing of the seasons and the four directional elements.


Veronica and Mario Morris draw deep inspiration from Avalon, Glastonbury and are influenced by their own roots of the Earth Celtic path. Mario is a Magician and together Veronica and Mario perform shows, street theatre, story telling and teach. Over the past seven years, they have participated and helped facilitate and now carry a spark from Vegas Vortex community fire circle that meet on an Indian reservation in the Nevada Desert. They have facilitated Alchemical transformational and Shamanic fire circles as well as rituals in the mountains of Andalucia at a retreat – the Crystal Inn. Now they have brought that fire circle to their hometown Wales, Cardiff. Here for the past two years, they have met regularly with their local tribe. As a community, they honor the changing of the seasons and the four directional elements. They have discussions and eco concerns for the planet that we live on. They hold sacred fire circles of drumming, dance, voice, sound movement and creative arts circles and rituals. Now this is your invitation to enter that circle in this one day “Transformational Gathering” Earth Sacred Arts, fire Circle, Alchemical transformational, Celtic Shamanic workshops and celebration day


  • Sound – Air – the Voice, guided meditation, stories – Enhance your creativity
  • Colour – Fire – passion, drive, focus, intention – Discover hidden talents
  • Movement – Water – self-expression, movement emotions, embracing, letting go – Gain greater confidence
  • Rhythm  Earth – overcoming, letting go,  grounding,  sharing stories – Enhance your creativity

As results of the workshops  of the day, we will have a Creative Arts Fire Circle in the evening. All that we have learnt together will be put into practice in a safe and  caring environment.

In the evening bring together all that you have learnt around the fire. Enjoy a guided meditation and combine all that we have shared during the day –  share a story, move, play an instrument and simple chants around the fire.

The evening concludes with magic and story around the fire.


The Venue 

The Woodland Retreat is an idyllic space set in half an acre of woodland in North Cardiff. The retreat  contains a listed 17th century cotTransformational Gathering Cardifftage which is one of the oldest buildings in Cardiff.

The studio where we will do our workshops and talks  is a wood-build that blends into its surroundings and is double insulated to keep out the cold. Large windows, giving views of the garden, keep the studio open and connected to the land.

A meditation walk meanders around the garden taking in the woodland scenes and allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this magical place.   We will transform the fire pit for our transformational fire.

What should I bring

  • If you have any drums, rattles or percussion instruments please bring them along;
  • Wear comfortable clothing for the workshops and exercises  and remember to bring warm clothing for the evening outdoor experience;
  • Bring food to share for early evening meal time;
  • A water bottle;
  • Please be aware that  this is a Drink & Drug free environment.



Mario and Veronica have hosted alchemical fire events at a mountain retreat in Andalucia, Spain.

Working with Mario was a great pleasure.  He has years of experience, and, more importantly, knows how to communicate this experience to students of the art.  Patience and professionalism combine to create an excellent learning environment.  We look forward to continuing our classes and including Mario in our programs.

Jeff McBride

International Magician, Performer and Teacher, The Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas

“The highlight of this vision quest has being the way that I now feel more focused, have more clarity and totally motivated  to get to the next stage in my life”  Gavin De Mauressin

Gavin De Mauressin

Event Details

Title: Transformational Gathering
Date & Time:  Saturday 29th October 2016
Venue: Sacred Woodland Retreat, Cardiff – The secret location will be sent once you have booked
Tutor: Mario Morris & Veronica Conway Morris,
Fee: £40  (£35 Early Bird for a limited time) 

 Contact – Booking Office, 27a Dalton Street, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4HB – 07865402281

For 2 people attending together

£75/2 x people
  • £60 for early birds
Book Now

We are creating a community event and don’t want to exclude anyone because of lack of funds.  We have very limited places for anyone not able to pay in exchange for time i.e helping us set up the event.  Do get in touch with Veronica at  if you want to find out more.

No drugs no drink, Leave No Trace Gathering

No modern technology such as mobile phones or electric light at the evening fire circle.   There will be plenty of light from the fire torches, candles and from the fire.

More About Us

Veronica Conway Morris

Veronica has had a varied career and for many years  worked in the Voluntary Sector and supported, motivated and helped  some of the most vulnerable people in our society move on. Veronica studied to become a qualified trainer and her next role was as a Volunteer Training Manager where her role was to train and motivate people to become volunteers to work alongside the most  vulnerable in our society.

She always  encourages  her clients to be involved in different  art forms to help motivate and heal themselves and to help move them into the next stage of their life.  She often was called upon to give motivational talks to staff/volunteer teams in many different  organisations

She herself made huge  changes and became a full time in the  Arts in 2007 and since then has being a full-time performer using balloons, storytelling, and magic to entertain children and adults across the UK, Europe and North America and the Far East.

Veronica has over the past few years worked alongside Mario in delivering courses and personal tuition on motivation, clarity and life coaching.

Mario Morris

Mario is a Magician, performer, teacher, writer, explorer, mentor, bead smith  and public speaker.  He has since the age of 16 being traveling the world, creating magical moments where ever he goes.

He honed his performing experience in the what some call the hardest theatre in the world –  street theatre.  For over 20 years Mario has taken his magic show around the world entertained tens of thousands of people helping them forget their troubles creating magical moments in peoples  lives with his magic.

In the past 10 year years he founded The School of Busking and his a faculty teaching member of the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.  He has taught and lectured to thousands of performers looking to find out more about this ancient art.

He is a mentor and teacher to many.  In more recent years he has designed and ran courses on motivation, public speaking and showmanship.  Students from around the world  have had one to one life coaching with Mario spending time on motivation, clarity and focus through meditation, vision quests, journeys to sacred sites, drumming circles, wand making and other crafts.